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A Season of Pause

Throughout all of nature, there are natural instances of pausing.  They often go unnoticed perhaps because many last for only a fraction of a second but they are there nonetheless.  It is in our breath, that still space between exhaling and inhaling where our body soaks in and savors the nourishment of oxygen.  You can find it between the ebb and flow of an ocean’s wave where water and land revel in their communion. It is even between our mind’s registration of what our eyes have just seen.

Yes, the natural world tells us not only to pause but that pausing is a sacred space in time to “receive.”

The 13th Month

In Ancient times, folks embraced a 13th month.  It sat in the 3-day period from All Hallow’s Eve on October 31 until the ending celebration of the Day of the Dead on November 2.  Though many associate these days with a morbid fascination with death, the supernatural and otherworldly things, it was, and remains, a truce with the unknown and invisible.   When you understand essence of this pause, whether you embrace or shun these holidays is no longer of any significance.  Everyone can claim this a time to honor and/or commune with our ancestors and our inner Divinity, to abandon a fear-based existence and relinquish our control over time and events as we intentionally walk through the halls of mystery; to detach from our lives full of technology (control) and instant gratification (comfort) and agreeably live in the wilderness of the unknown.

As Judith Berger eloquently writes in her book Herbal Rituals, “Thus we allow the heart, soul, and spirit to be moved by all we have come to know of the earth’s complex and rich personality. Taking this conscious interlude, we can deeply absorb, not through rational understanding, but through skin, bone and heart, the ever-unfolding treasure of this enchanted earth.”

It matters not if you acknowledge All Hallow’s Eve, All Souls’ Day, Day of the Dead or not.  The 13th Month is a time for everyone to rest, receive and relinquish.

These are a few ways I embrace the season of pause.

photograph courtesy of Steinar La Engeland

Open Fire Cooking

An open fire provides warmth, light and divine comfort food if you let it.


Go Outdoors

Discover your external living rooms on your step, balcony, porch or patio.


Nourish Yourself

Indulge in nutrient-dense, foods of the season.  Slow cooked and slowly consumed.





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