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Life as a Gypsy

Life as a Gypsy

by The Red Bone Gypsy

Ten different schools in four different states
To most it sounds alarming
What’s wrong with you,
Is your mother a flake
Or an officer in the army?

My alarm is familiar
In a room full of boxes as it screams for me to rise
Where are my shoes, what bus do I take?
Jeez, I hope there are some cute guys

Sometimes it gets real lonely
No life long boozum friends
I’m asked if I’d want it different
But I guess that all really depends

Would I still be able to travel
Dine with kings and queens
Find time to feed the hungry
And other fantastic dreams

So when I’m feeling sorry
For my transient history
I quickly try to remember
Life’s been good as a gypsy.

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The Red Bone Gypsy


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