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A Hog’s Tail/Tale

Living in Washington DC, things can be over-priced. It was my grandson’s birthday and the end of October so a pig roast was in order. DC butchers were charging upwards of $190 for a 30 pound pig – too much!

For a little more than an hour’s drive, down to St. Mary’s County (Amish Country), I purchased a 50 pound pig for $100. The pig you see here is 175 pounds and was a wedding gift.

Ours was a good size. Wasn’t expecting knife and saw but then again, it was Amish butchers – no electric tools. We cooked half the pig in October. The remaining half is scheduled for Christmas day (2016). I think I’ll even try my hand at head cheese for the New Year.

If you can’t deal with butchery, you may want to reconsider eating meat altogether. Insisting that my family participate as much as possible in the slaughter has definitely reduced our meat consumption. We are unapologetically meat eaters but we are also conscientious carnivores.

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