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Interactive Underground Railroad

After reading and watching The House of Dies Drear by Virginia Hamilton, I searched for ways to not only further educate my 14-year-old grandson about the Underground Railroad but to engage him in a way that would instill a deeper sense of realism, affiliation and even fear about having to live in the time of abolitionism.

Thankfully (and excitedly) I stumbled on this interactive journey though the National Geographic!  Your student will make hair-raising decisions as they follow Harriet Tubman and escape from a slave owner in this online interactive.  How cool is that?!   I strongly encourage you to go on the journey with your student, no matter their age, to further expound on the scenarios and choices before them.  Be sure to have the volume turned up as there are some special audio treats along the way!

Enjoy the few snapshots of my little man as he took the journey with Moses!  To see the genuine terror and excitement was such a reward and provided further confirmation (yet again) that educating your own is such a natural process.

Appropriate for K-12.



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