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Country Side of “Souf Ease” DC

Country Side of “Souf Ease” DC

Living in a city has many advantages but I’m a country girl at heart and ache for the quiet solitude of wildness (increasingly every day). But I can’t complain too loudly, no, not even I who live in souf ease DC, a section of the Nation’s Capitol that has been void of most city advantages and regularly demonized for the disadvantages (and now undergoing major gentrification ventures).  Nevertheless, my little section, dubbed “The Best Kept Secret in DC.” is quiet, spacious and full of country living.

My morning ritual is to wake just before dawn, make a quick cup of tea and sit on the front porch with my pup to listen to an array of birds chattering away as the sun rises behind me.  Often, I catch visions of foxes returning to their dens, opossums quickly wobbling for cover, hawks disturbing the peace of unsuspecting squirrels and raccoons tiptoeing into the woods across the street.  Deer are abundant here.  The question is not if I’ll see any but will I see a young buck with his antler’s just beginning to rise or a doe with twin fawns or, as I did one late night, a hugely majestic buck that stood as tall as a small horse and slowly walked across the street, unbothered by the motor vehicle patiently waiting for him to cross.  He was such a sight to see, the driver didn’t even bother to honk in an attempt to move him along.  I’m certain he sat behind the wheel with his mouth hung open, just as mine was.

Though the day when I have my own country retreat is approaching and I may say good-bye to this fabulous city I have called home twice once and for all, I am blessed for the daily blend of both city & country living I now call home!

Here’s this morning’s peaceful vision (caught on my iPhone).


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