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There be wild women here.

This is not a place for the traditional, rule-loving, fearful, submissive, predictable and conservative woman who, when asked to tell something about herself, can only identify as wife and mother. But don’t fret my lovely. There is no shame in being fully enchanted with your current stage of identity. There are a plethora of other sites designed especially for you. However, this is not one of them.

No, this is a place for the married or unmarried, mother or childless “mature” woman who remembers she is first wild, totally loyal to herself so she can be steadfast for others, who doesn’t find her worth tied up in her care-taking roles and rejoices in self love. The women here take charge, are comfortable with tapping into the ancient intuitive wisdom of the wild sages that roamed the earth before her, dances with the rhythms of the earth and finds the face of Divinity in her own reflection. If you seek a community of truth-speaking, bold, creative, vibrant, open and brave women, you will be right at home here! (By the way, we are also wives, mothers, caretakers, lovers, Christians, Pagans, Jews, etc.)

If you seek a sisterhood that offers vibrant conversations, creative expression, meaningful service, support and acceptance rooted in earth-centered philosophies, then welcome!

We touch on a variety of topics — anything from henna tattoos, jasmine tea, organizing a community tag sale, how to dress a chicken, perform a ritual for world peace, celebrate life-changing events, organize a protest against some current destructive action, or any number of earth- and human-honoring activities. And we do this after full-time jobs, with babies suckling at our breasts and daily fighting a number of prejudices against us.

Yes!  We’re pretty damn remarkable!

If this sounds like you (or who you aim to be), then stay for a reason, season or eternity. Comment regularly on what you see here. Submit some of your own work for possible publication. Or just come to quietly enjoy what you find. After all, you’re the leading lady of your life!


Shefa Nola Benoit
The Red Bone Gypsy

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